The family behind the Intarsia

Gielish Alaska fishing


Master artist Scott Gielish gains inspiration for his wood sculptures from the beauty that surrounds him on his family's small farm in the rural Western Oregon, just outside Eugene. Their property is home to an assortment of wildlife including deer, turkey, pheasant, bear and even cougar.


Along with suggestions from family, friends, and mother nature, Scott and his wife Sandy design and construct original wood carvings which warm the heart.


Using the artistic talent he was blessed with and the woodworking skills he has developed, Scott spends most days in the shop next to his house shaping and finishing his unique designs. Using a variety of different wood colors and sanding techniques, each piece is truly a one of a kind creation, the likes of which exists no where else in the world.


The picture above was taken in Alaska/05. It was during this trip that Scott and Sandy came up with thier new American Indian inspired line of Intarsia.


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